Jerry, thanks again for fulfilling a dream of a lifetime for my dad and myself, The six point bulls that we took were incredible, and the 5X5 that my superintendent Gary took will be a treasured memory for many years to come.

As you know taking a trophy bull has been a lifetime dream of my dads, a dream that he and I have persued togeather for many unsuccesful years. At 72 years of age my dad was beginning to think that he may be running out of chances to fulfill this dream. 

When we decided to book this trip to a private ranch, we really didn't know what to expect, but what we found was a hunters paradise, the accomadations were outstanding, the surroundings were so peaceful and relaxing that we hated to leave, the weather was perfect, the guides were great, and the hunt was awsome.

We can't thank you enough for your hospitality and friendship, We wish you great success with your incredible ranch, and we hope to return soon for another great hunt, or maybe just to visit and enjoy the peaceful surrinity of the ranch."

- Jeff Lackey
Las Vegas, NV
Bart Grove

Hi, my name is Bart Grove. For the last 12 years I have been the owner and operator of True Grit Safaris in South Africa. I was born and raised in South Africa and have been hunting here for the last 35 years.

On my last marketing trip in February to the States, my wife and I were invited to visit Jerry Rush on our way to Texas. He is the owner of Sycamore Springs Ranch in Oklahoma. One of the nicest Lodges and surroundings that I have ever seen.

On arrival we had beautiful 50-degree weather. Jerry suggested we do some hunting for wild boar the next morning. Being from Africa and all the hunting I have done, from the Big Five to the Small Five and including all the cats, hunting wild boar did sound a bit different. I have done some Bow Fishing with Jerry in the past which I found very exciting, so putting my trust in him for a fun time took no effort.

Getting up the next morning we were greeted with 6" of snow and really cold weather. Now that is not fun for an African. I mean if a Warthog doesn't like snow why would a wild boar? Jerry convinced me to give it a try. He rigged me out with some snow cammo, a perfect fit compound bow and Matt my guide. After sighting the bow in, in the beautiful indoor shooting rage we then departed for a hunt of a lifetime.

On entering the preserve we immediately spotted a couple of boars in the distance. Adrenalin rush isn't the word and I didn't even notice the cold. Jerry and Matt decide that much bigger trophies are around and we pushed on. We spotted another group and Matt and I went to investigate. Nothing like hunting Africa, there was white stuff everywhere. I had so much fun stalking those creatures that at one stage I was smack in the middle of the group. Time was running out. We decided to head back to the first group of boars and started to track them down. Jerry spotted two big male's tracks and the chase was on. After about a mile we spotted one nice tusker. I stalked up to it and stood on full draw for a few seconds, which felt like minutes, waiting for the perfect shot. Jerry and Matt did educate me on the shoulder shield these animals' possess. On release, the arrow was perfectly placed to miss the shield and penetrated through the vitals. The boar went a mere 80 yards and dropped dead.

Upon returning to the main lodge, Jerry and Matt professionally caped my trophy out for shipment to the Taxidermist. They also removed the tender loins, so that we could have a taste of our trophy.

That evening Jerry's chef prepared the boar in four different Mexican ways. Unbelievable stuff.

The best hunt I ever had. Jerry, Matt, We Will be back in August.

- Bart Grove
True Grit Safaris, South Africa
Bill T. Joice

A Cow Elk Hunt on Sycamore Springs Ranch: Where do I start?

With the thrill of the hunt, the generosity of the host, the fantastic guide, the breathtaking lodge and facilities, the beauty of the land, either way, it was a trip I will not soon forget. I look forward to the opportunity to go again.

Thank you very much!

- Bill T. Joice
Hulbert, OK

I took my son, Dakota, to hunt a ram at Sycamore Springs Ranch. We spent several hours stalking the animal when finally, he made a beautiful very difficult shot with his bow and took the ram. As we went over to retrieve the ram, Dakota looked up and said, 'Dad, this is the best day of my life!'.

We can't wait to come back to hunt and create more memories at Sycamore Springs Ranch!

- Dale Chancellor
Salina, Oklahoma
Frank Birdtail

I was lucky enough to go on a hunt at Sycamore Springs Ranch, and I harvested a nice Ram with my bow and arrow. Located in the heart of Green Country, the Ranch has beautiful cabins and a wonderful lodge.

The host and hunting guide were great. I plan on going back.

- Frank Birdtail
Westville, OK
Mike Rhodes

Your ranch is a very impressive place. The main lodge and log cabins really add to the outdoor atmosphere, they are really nice. The ranch has a peaceful setting that anyone would enjoy. If you want to get away from your worries of the daily grind, this is the place to go.

I look forward to my next chance to visit again. Thanks for the great hunt!!

- Mike Rhodes
Peggs, OK